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Localizing and Translating Tunnelblick

Tunnelblick is currently translated to more than 35 languages.

We welcome translators for other languages, too — we recently added Afrikaans, Azerbaijani, and Croatian.

The current status of our translation efforts can be seen at at Translation Status.

To join the localization team, please contact the developers.

  • You can help a little or a lot, all help is welcome!

  • Everyone who makes a meaningful contribution will be credited on Tunnelblick's Thanks page and on the "Info" panel of the application itself.

  • Localization consists solely of translating strings. No graphic manipulation or spacing or moving of text is required.

  • Tunnelblick is localized on Crowdin, a translation management site that provides free service for open source projects such as Tunnelblick, and free accounts for translators. Crowdin does not do the actual translations; it only provides the infrastructure in which translators can work and a way of managing those translators.

  • All translation work is done in a specialized translation editor in your browser.

  • See Using Crowdin for specific procedures that the Tunnelblick Crowdin project uses to sign up for and use Crowdin.

  • Localizing the names of configurations and other content that can be added to Tunnelblick is described in Other Localization.